Volunteer Opportunities

Find the Volunteer Opportunity That's Right For You

Each year, dozens of adults volunteer their time and talents to further the work of Youth for Christ.  Many more are needed in order to accomplish our mission.  The number of specific ways people volunteer is almost as large as the number of individuals that serve.  However, each of these roles can be summarized in one of four general categories: ministry volunteers, task volunteers, peer volunteers, and leadership volunteers.

Ministry Volunteers

Ministry volunteers work directly with students to help them discover lives of positive character and purpose through relationship with Christ.  Some volunteers serve several hours each week through multiple opportunities.  Others help out only on occasion.  The level of commitment you make is up to you.  Here are examples of ways you could make a difference through being a ministry volunteer:

  •     Initiate a conversation with a student during free time at an event
  •     Lead a game during a local Campus Life meeting
  •     Help run an activity for middle school students at a middle school
  •     Interact with a small group of teens at a Campus Life or Friend2Friend meeting
  •     Accompany a YFC staff member to a volleyball game in order to get to know some students
  •     Share with someone about how Jesus gives purpose to your daily life
  •     Lead a small group of kids in a series of weekly discussions
  •     Serve as a counselor on a winter retreat

Task Volunteers

Task volunteers contribute labor, talents, or simply free time to endeavors that strengthen the organization and further its work.  Almost any skill can be put to use for YFC's mission.  Examples of ways you could serve as a task volunteer are:

  •     Stuff envelopes for a bulk mailing
  •     Answer phones at the Youth for Christ office
  •     Diagnose a problem with a computer
  •     Prepare a newsletter
  •     Make repairs on the YFC building
  •     Clean up after a ministry event
  •     Prepare food for a Campus Life retreat
  •     Take pictures at a Campus Life meeting
  •     Write a newspaper article about an event

Peer Volunteers

Peer volunteers are adults who employ their talents on activities that involve other adults rather than students.  They help provide direction or resources to the organization through their wisdom, knowledge, or influence.  Here are some examples of ways you can make a difference as a peer volunteer.

  •     Help set direction for Youth for Christ by serving as a board member
  •     Help raise funds for a YFC ministry
  •     Recruit event workers as a member of a steering committee
  •     Help plan a golf outing as a project committee member
  •     Provide advice based on your professional expertise
  •     Fill a table for the YFC banquet

Leadership Volunteers

Leadership volunteers are ones who direct teams of other volunteers to accomplish any of the roles listed above.  Examples of ways leadership volunteers might serve are as follows:

  •     Lead a local Campus Life club
  •     Plan and implement a retreat or activity for teens
  •     Head up a committee to plan and hold a fundraising project
  •     Coordinate a group of people to provide food for meetings with students   

Whether directly or indirectly, Youth for Christ volunteers make a great difference in the lives of area young people.  Would you prayerfully consider where YOU fit into this picture?  We need your help to reach every young person with the Good News of Christ.


For more information, please e-mail: Youth for Christ at office@yfcmiamivalley.org or call us at 548-2477. Then when you're ready fill out our application forms and we'll be in touch.

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