Campus Life

Campus Life is something you'll almost have to experience to understand.  It's a variety of different activities inclusing big events, concerts, regular meetings, small groups, overnights, retreats, trips, etc.

Who's it For? 

Everyone who attends high school is invited to be part of Campus Life.  Almost every week there's a Campus Life activity that kids from ANY local high school can be part of.  Campus Life South is designed for students in the Arcanum, Franklin Monroe, and Tri-Village school systems.  Campus Life Central is intended for students at all other Darke County schools.  However, ANY high school student is welcome to attend either Campus Life club that they prefer.  Check out the calendar to see when upcoming Campus Life events take place.

What's the Point? 

The purpose of Campus Life is to give you a place where you can be real, be accepted, have fun, and find answers to life's tough questions.

Do I have to belive a certain way to be a part of Campus Life? 

No.  In fact, more than anything else you will be encouraged to be real and honest about who you really are.  You can expect though, to be challenged to think about and decide what you believe about issues such as love friendship, parents, God, loneliness, self image, sex... Every area of life gets checked out by Campus Life.


Where Does Campus Life Meet? 

  • Campus Life South meets at "The Attic," a great hangout spot above Smith's Coffee House in Arcanum. 
  • Campus Life Central meets at "The Underground" which is also awesome teen hangout in the basement of the CMA church. 
  • Eaton Campus Life meets at "The Gathering Place" senior center in Eaton.

What goes on at Campus Life?

On a typical night there'll be some food on hand and free time to just enjoy being with your friends.  That's followed by some "sometimes bizarre" games to let you loosen up and laugh.  Usually, there's also some video or a skit, a little bonding time in small groups, and a discussion about a topic that's important to you. 

Of course that's just a "typical" night.  At a special event you might find yourself jammin to a live band, celebrating at a party, or solving clues and chasing after your school principal in a goose costume.  You just never know what might happen at a Campus Life activity!

Looking for something deeper?

 Actually, we might have just what you need.  If you'd like an experience where you're challenged to grow as a leader and in your faith, then student leadership might be for you.  You can contact one of the Campus Life staff to learn what's involved in that.  A Campus Life staff person can also fill you in about separate small group opportunities that come up from time to time.  Small groups such as "Girl Talk" and "Guy Talk" are great ways to really get to know your friends and talk about things that are on your mind.

Is there more?

There is.  During the year, Campus Life always sponsors a number of special and three or four trips and retreats that add a taste of adventure to your experience.