DNOW Weekend’s Impact

May 2, 2023


The DNOW weekend hosted in March was a great time for friends, food, teaching, and fun. Live worship music was showcased, ministry

driven games were played, and a talented speaker with challenging messages was available for multiple sessions. Dozens of students were given the opportunity to meet new people, share the gospel in the community, and even participate in breakout sessions with local leaders. The weekend was a great success where lasting friendships were solidified and many students experienced positive change.

Ronnie, a student from West Alexandria, was able to participate in DNOW. With a quiet attitude and an infectious smile, he started the trip with unsure expectations. Upon arrival, he found a welcoming group of young men and women with similar interests and he made new friends quickly. This was his first ministry centered weekend away from home and it most likely won’t be his last.

As a high school student at the alternative school in Eaton, the challenges Ronnie faces are many. However, his love for basketball and his friends drive him to succeed in multiple areas. Placing Ronnie in an environment where encouraging adult leaders were present and positive Christian peers surrounded him with love was exactly what he needed to open up and share about the struggles he faces. DNOW allowed him the opportunity to play basketball, pray for members of the community, and spend time hearing the truth of God’s Word in a way that was tailored just for him.

Our favorite part of working with YFC is seeing the impact the gospel has in the life of students like Ronnie. His story is amazing and there are many more just like him. Your support of Youth For Christ and our Campus Life programs allow students like Ronnie to experience events like DNOW, events where Jesus is the center and lifelong Christian relationships are formed. Your support, no matter how big or small, allows us to continue spreading the gospel to students in our local schools. Join us, pray for us, and together we will see our next generation flourish!