Summerfest Games

Let’s Do It Again!

April 14, 2022


Ah, what a day!  Thinking back I remember:

  • Jubilant cheers as “throwers” successfully triggered five gallons of COLD water to come splashing down on the heads of their pastors at the “flush bucket.”
  • The sweet and savory taste of a waffle sandwich topped off with a yummy dessert and a tall cup of the Rotary’s lemonade shake-up.
  • The smiles on kid’s faces as they departed the enormous firetruck wearing their brand new plastic fire helmets.
  • The sounds of music emanating from live bands playing in Rotary Park.
  • Excited children running between the tents and booths provided by many local churches as they raced to see what challenges they would master and what prizes they would win.
  • Dozens of people competing at cornhole until finally, two young men posed smiling for their “victory picture” with their trophy and winnings.
  • I remember the clown, balloons, laughter, and smiles…

Let’s do it again! Sunday, August 7th is the date for the second annual YFC Summerfest, to be held all around and behind the YFC Ministry Center, just off the traffic circle in Greenville.  This year, pending city approval, everything described above and MORE will take place between 4 and 7 pm, including new ministry tours that will be held at the bottom of each hour in the YFC facility.  However, YOUR help is needed to make this day a great success, which means a blessing to the community and a boost for YFC’s ministry to teenagers.  Below are some ways you can make a difference by becoming involved:

  • Workers and committee members are needed to help plan and implement all aspects of the event including maintenance and safety, fundraising, music, food, marketing and promotion, games and activities, and the cornhole tournament.  You can help starting now, or jump in the day of the event.
  • Someone to lead the music effort is needed, which means working along with your team to arrange live bands and see to their needs.  Also, excellent, affordable bands are needed if you are in one or have one to suggest.
  • Representatives from churches are needed to provide game booths and prizes.  And if you have the desire, but not the games, we might know some other churches that can help.
  • You can recruit a friend and sign up for the cornhole tournament.  By doing this you can raise money for a great cause and possibly win great prizes for yourself.
  • And, you can attend a YFC Ministry Tour.  By doing so you can learn about the needs of teenagers, the mission of Youth for Christ, and possibly discover ways you’d like to be involved.

Let’s do it again!  Last year’s Summerfest event provided a fun and wholesome afternoon for families and more than $20,000 for ministry to teenagers, even after expenses.  Together, we can make this year’s event be even more – more attendees, more of a blessing to them, and more of an impact for teenagers!