Ministry is Moving (Literally) in Preble County!

May 2, 2023


Preble County will soon be seeing a big red trailer, with the YFC logo on the side of it, making its way to parks, sports practices and other prime locations throughout the county to spread the word of how God is moving in teens’ lives through YFC and how others can join in on the mission! If you see the big red trailer, you may also find Jake pulling out a grill and cooking up hot dogs for those who come by. You may even score a YFC t-shirt and other YFC goodies! One location you will be sure to find the trailer is at the ASK playground/ Nazarene church parking lot – right across from Jake’s donated office space. We are excited to literally get this ministry “rolling”!

We are looking for supplies to be donated in order to get things started. If you or someone you know would like to donate an item or two from the list below, please contact Youth for Christ at 937 548-2477, or message us on our Facebook Page: Youth for Christ of the Miami Valley