Patty’s Journey With YFCMV

October 27, 2023


There are hundreds of opportunities and places to volunteer my time. All great causes and worthy of a person’s time and talents but there’s really only one place that tugs at my heart and holds a special meaning for me, Youth for Christ of the Miami Valley.

My name is Patty Kerns, and I’ve been volunteering for YFCMV for over 29 years. I’ve spent hundreds of hours volunteering in a variety of ways, some up in front of a crowd and some behind the scenes. Over the years, I’ve helped with Campus Life clubs, led student leadership groups, trained & coordinated volunteers, supervised trips and camps, led fundraising committees, spoke at various churches and events, baked cookies, worked as set-up & tear-down crew and that doesn’t even include being on staff for nine years.

For me, volunteering for YFCMV has been a natural part of my adult life, and the staff, volunteers and even the kids have become my family. My volunteer intentions have always been to help out and give, but I have received more than I’ve given! My time with YFCMV has provided me with life-long friendships, opportunities to grow and mature spiritually and emotionally, and a place to share my passion for the Gospel with teenagers and their families.

My latest volunteer commitment has been with the Board of Directors. Over the last few years, I was asked to consider joining the board. This spring, after much prayer, I decided maybe I might have something to share from my 29 years of involvement. The YFCMV Board is an amazing group of diverse people who love the gospel and have a true desire to see teenagers come to know the Lord, Jesus Christ. Again, I’m learning a lot and blessed more than I feel like I’m contributing.

The YFCMV Board prayerfully tries to provide Godly insight, advice, and leadership for this ministry as it expands, develops, and maintains the mission and purpose. I am truly excited to see what amazing things God has planned for ministry this year and beyond.

The YFCMV staff and volunteers are amazing people who have a passion for sharing “living water” and gospel truth to our neighborhoods, teenagers & families living in Darke and Preble Counties. If you have ever wanted to invest your time, passion, and energy into something, check out Youth for Christ of the Miami Valley.

Truly, this ministry has changed my life and the lives of my family and friends just because I chose to volunteer 29 years ago. There’s no better investment of my time and energy than joining the team at YFCMV and sharing the gospel of Christ!