Preble County Ministry

January 31, 2024


Ministry in Preble County is going strong as our teens respond to the gospel message. With the support of local administrators, we are plugged into local schools and are seeing God change lives every week. Students are not only accepting Jesus as Savior, they are requesting Bible studies, attending church services, and praying openly during free time at school.

We recently began working with a junior high student named *Jared. He wanted to reach his peers with the gospel and asked for help. Together we prayed with him, ensured he was capable of verbalizing the gospel, and now he’s intentionally talking about Jesus with his peers. God is using YFC to build up leaders!

We also recently received approval to meet at a new location for Eaton Middle School Campus Life on Tuesday’s, which is an answer to prayer. We are hoping with this new space, within walking distance of the homes of several students and the downtown area, that the Campus Life club will grow.

We’re plugging into churches, solidifying relationships with local ministers and officials, and we’re challenging students to seek Jesus. It’s encouraging to see the positive changes in our young people and we trust that our efforts will produce further growth in these ministries and overall effectiveness as we continue to meet teens where they are.

*Student’s name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.