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Taking Light to Dark Places

June 9, 2021


Where We Need To Be

YFC City Life Center caught in crossfire of shooting is motivated to transform community

A shooting in the Shawnee area on June 4th left Youth For Christ Louisville’s City Life center with bullet holes stretching from the front to the back.

“There were individuals on both sides of the street that were in some sort of argument or disagreement and they began firing at one another,” said Executive Director Kevin Pringle.

Due to COVID-19, the building located at 4102 West Market St. was closed for any youth outreach, but on Friday, the space was being used for a local church meeting. Two people, including a pastor, were caught in the crossfire; thankfully, neither was hit.

“We’re very thankful for that because obviously with things like this, it could have turned out completely differently,” said Pringle.

“There was probably about 15 seconds where I thought maybe we should leave, but I said ‘no,’ this is exactly why we’re here and we’re not going anywhere.”

Pringle says this incident is confirmation that YFC must continue working to transform the community. Since 2012, YFC Louisville’s City Life ministry has offered youth ages 11 to 19 mentoring and leadership opportunities fostered with support and an understanding of life beyond violence that plagues their neighborhood.

“When I talk about hope what I mean by that is, people need to understand that they matter and that’s where the rubber meets the road,” he said. “We’re here to be a conduit between who you were designed to be and what it is that you’re doing now.”

Pringle says the damage to the building, such as the two shattered windows, can be replaced, but what can’t be overshadowed by this act of gun violence is the organization’s mission.

“It’s almost as if the community waits for things like this to happen and then they move on. But, I’m overly optimistic that it will get better,” he said. “I don’t know who perpetrated this, but that’s the face of hopelessness and I want them to know one thing… you’re forgiven.”

Your partnership made it possible for YFC Leaders to step into these situations – providing a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, an ear to listen. Most importantly, they introduced a redemptive path forward through the hope of Jesus.

Thank you for your partnership to equip caring adults who reach young people everywhere by bringing The Light to dark places.