YFC Summerfest Picture

Top Reasons to Attend YFC Summerfest

July 28, 2022


You’ve seen the yard signs. You’ve read the articles. You may have even seen a Facebook post. Now it’s decision time. Will you go to YFC Summerfest this year? Maybe your answer is, “Well yeah, duh!” But in case not, here are our top six reasons you might want to go:

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  1. Ya gotta eat! Sure, maybe you’re thinking of a tricky answer about how it won’t hurt you to skip one meal, but in all probability, you’re going to eat anyway, so why not make it be something delicious? This year’s Summerfest features Godown’s Fixins, Timeless Tacos, Top’s Best Foods, Kona Ice, and the Rotary Lemonade Shakeup. How could you say no?YFC Summerfest
  2. Ya got some pent-up aggression! …At least probably. If so, why not take it out on a friend, pastor, or community leader in a most beneficial way? Every few minutes a new person will be sitting under the YFC Flush Bucket, just daring you to get them wet. This year’s list of “victims” includes Pastor Dan Kuhbander of Immanuel Baptist – Arcanum; Marty McCabe of Marty McCabe Painting Services; Greenville Police Chief, Eric Roberts; Tribute Funeral Homes owner, Eric Fee; Alex Dearing, YFC Alumni and of Huntington Outdoor and Greg Zechar of Zechar Bailey Funeral Home. More names will be added. Be sure to come out and soak them with love!
  3. Ya like music! …Or in the unlikely event you think you don’t, you probably just haven’t heard the right band play. This year, local band Zeke Wright and the Hindsight will start things off at 4pm, followed by 3 Day Weekend, a really talented band of young people from Muncie, Indiana, which is quickly becoming very popular. If you like music you’ll want to come and check them out.
  4. Ya got kids! …Or grandkids. Or maybe if you don’t have kids or grandkids you enjoy some of the same things as other people’s kids and grandkids. Regardless, you’ll want to bring your kids or grandkids (or yourself) out for the opportunity to explore a fire truck and ambulance, get a temporary tattoo, and play some carnival games. It will be a lot of fun and very inexpensive to play at just 50 cents per game.
  5. Ya got heart! This reason may possibly be the best one and it’s because you can make a difference in teenagers’ lives through the event. Even attending the festival helps show your support, but you can also help raise needed funds to benefit young people by recruiting a friend and signing up for the “Toss for Teens” cornhole tournament. Just ask friends and family to sponsor you, and they can easily donate, using a quick and easy link online. Before you know it you’ve raised hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the cause, and possibly put yourself in a position to win a really nice prize for your efforts! Call 937-548-2477 for more info or to register visit: https://yfcmv.org/events/toss-for-teens/
  6. Ya want to learn more! Maybe you’d like to help a great cause, but aren’t really that sure what Youth for Christ is all about. At the festival you can participate in one of the ministry tours that will take place at the bottom of every hour and learn the reasons you may want to lean into this cause.

So it’s decided, right? You’re coming to YFC Summerfest, now you just need to be sure about where and when. That’s the easy part. YFC Summerfest takes place from 4-7 pm on Sunday, August 7th and it’s just feet from the Greenville traffic circle and fountain, in the parking lots surrounding the YFC Ministry Center at 107 West Main. We’ll look forward to seeing you then! After all, ya know ya wanna!