YFCamp 2022 Group

YFCamp 2022

July 2, 2022


14 Middle Schoolers. 3 leaders. 1 week. 2 teens surrendering their lives to Christ…priceless.

YFCamp 2022 PiggybackIt was a week of fun, adventure, rest without distractions, time with God, and finding a new family together in the midst of it all. Youth for Christ Camp (YFCamp) this year landed on the last week of June. Through lots of fundraising and with the help of amazing supporters we were able to take fourteen 7th and 8th graders to a life-changing camp where they got to take a break from their everyday lives and remember what it’s like to have good, clean fun without phones, and experience Jesus in a new and present way.

“Everything about camp was amazing!” – Brycelin

It was a jam-packed week. Every camp activity had a purpose. On the first night it was all about getting through an obstacle course to protect their leader in order to establish a strong relationship between the adult leaders and teens. The next day they had “Crud War” to help emphasize our mess and how even in our brokenness in life, we can find joy and understand our need for a Savior. Some activities were designed just to give each cabin a chance to bond and forge an undeniable friendship with each other.

“Camp was the best week of my life! Being there inspired me to learn more about God and made me want to be closer to Him.” –Kahlen

Every night, we ended with Cabin Time where each group would have time to share around the circle and answer questions. On the first night we drew our families on paper and described them. The kids shared everything from silly things about their pets to their struggles dealing with certain family members. Two girls in particular related to each other because they both had absent fathers who were alcoholics. Another girl lives with her Aunt because her mom doesn’t want her and she doesn’t know who her father is. Another teen deals with constant pressure as the oldest child to be perfect and do everything right. When asked about their relationship with Jesus one night, one boy shared he just wasn’t sure but felt like he was “getting closer to God.” God was working in hearts.

“Camp helped me understand God more and open up to people.” – Ella

At the last main teaching and worship session called “Club,” the speaker shared about the love of Christ one last time. He laid out the Gospel again and felt the need to ask if there was anyone on the fence about Christ that wanted to stand up and finally surrender their life to Jesus to do so. Without hesitation that same boy from the night before stood up and said yes to Jesus. We got to pray with him to accept Christ into his heart!

Praise God for changed and softened hearts during our week at YFCamp! Not only were our hearts refreshed by getting away and being able to breathe without the distraction of the outside world. New friendships were formed, laughter and tears of release and joy commenced. Christ was glorified and new life began.

“My relationship with Christ was strengthened and I had a lot of fun too!” – Cameron