Girls Hanging Out and Having Fun at Go MAD 2022!


October 22, 2021


You could probably picture it even without the photos: An electric sendoff atmosphere charged by anticipation of things to come. A rousing road trip to Ft. Wayne. Hundreds of teenagers storming into the convention center. Deafening music, jumping, singing, shouting, finally leading to worship. Passionate speaker, hearts moved, knees bowed, testimonies shared, lives altered. Late night dinner out followed by gut-level talks and very little sleep. Laughter, smiles, and tears. Followed by a sleepy return trip with a Wendy’s stop along the way. Finally, parents waiting, parting words, and empty vans. These were the sights and sounds of the annual “Go Mad” (Go Make a Difference) trip local teenagers participated in late last fall. What were the takeaways?

In their own words…

When asked what the best part of Go MAD was for them, participants responded:

  • “I liked when we were able to break off and share with our group after the big sessions because I got to know my leaders and friends better in that time and felt like we bonded a lot.” – Faith

    Faith taking a swim

    Faith Enjoying Free Time in the pool at the hotel

  • “I enjoyed hanging out with people and making new friends. I learned a lot about God and his word through the music there, and something else that impacted me from what the speaker shared is that no matter what kind of problems you have with family and friends, there’s always a way to work it out.” – Mylee

    Mylee and Friend

    Mylee (left) and friend Hayley (right) being silly in their room

  • “I really liked talking to the speaker because we had a lot in common with our dads, and him talking about being able to forgive his dad and having faith in him to change because of his relationship with God stuck out to me. I also really liked being able to hang out at the hotel with everyone and make new friends.” – Eric
    Eric at the Ft. Wayne Mall in Indiana

    Eric hanging out with friends during free time